Full Service Interior Design

MAJ Interiors specializes in offering design solutions that meet your needs. We know that each project is unique and presents its challenges. Whether you are looking to get your entire home or a room designed, we begin by comprehending the client’s preferences, interests, style and needs to initiate a personalized design vision.

“We believe a home deserves love and care which begins with the desire for a better living environment”


From desire towards establishing a design concept to planning to tender & approvals to implementation to final accessorizing resulting in a majorly beautiful space to call your own


Space planning is the first step towards problem solving any restrictions pertaining to function, traffic flow and often lack of storage. Upon completion of a site measure, we are then able to recreate the space from a bird’s eye view offering a new perspective that helps us analyze and reconfigure any obstacles.


Behind the scenes, we work closely and diligently with our team of architects, engineers, trades, contractors/builders and suppliers to create a cohesive plan that is tailored completely to “you”. Each and every detail in your home – from moldings to lighting, from the door knobs to the drapery is selectively coordinated in favor of the design concept. A prepared presentation is arranged for review and approval at our studio through use of photos, floor plans, and samples of materials, alongside the scope of work and breakdown of budget. Once all aspects are approved, we begin implementation of the design through project management.

It is important to initiate the implementation phase with the ordering process of all materials, fixtures and furnishings before scheduled work is set to launch. This ensures items are delivered on site in a timely manner without causing delay to the renovation schedule.

As much as we would like to guarantee a smooth process, reality is…like the saying goes ‘shit happens’. Often times, unpredictable situations occur on job sites. Our objective is to address these unforeseen issues in an efficient manner. You hire us to deal with these kinds of situations, so that you don’t need to worry. Let us handle the stress. It is our goal to be as transparent as possible with our clients by maintaining open communication that ends with a solution and a positive outcome. Therefore, regular site visits are performed by our team to ensure our vision is executed rightly and proficiently.

Upon completion of the architectural renovation, a house isn’t a home without the meaningful pieces that showcase your personalized style. Through a white glove installation service, we furnish and decorate with specifically curated accessories and artwork, fulfilling the entire design vision. At long last, the space is brought to life which our clients can ultimately enjoy.